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Moreover, they had to learn how to do so early on because privacy has been an issue they've been grappling with, literally, since childhood."Everyone's looking for a good story—we don't read the good, we don't read the bad," a then 17-year-old Mary-Kate, who would quietly enter treatment for an eating disorder two months later, told E! "A lot of the time I get flustered if I see someone taking my picture or being followed—yeah, it's scary sometimes, but you just kind of have to know what's going to happen, and that's not going to really change."Ashley was right about the nature of the media not changing, so she and Mary-Kate had to buck the system themselves.Not only did they persist in leading private lives on their own terms, they did so while amassing a fortune, building multiple brands and becoming forces to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Ashley and Mary-Kate continue to make most decisions as a pair, balancing the creative side (everything from picking fabrics to pattern-making) with the business side (marketing, brand strategizing and balancing budgets)—and they even still dress alike, too!"They spend most of their time in New York where they have separate apartments.Mary-Kate just bought a new place with Olivier and Ashley lives by herself.Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen are arguably the most famous twins in the world, with a combined fortune of 0 million, but the sisters have done everything they can to separate themselves from the reason they became household names in the first place.We've known for months that the now 29-year-old Mary-Kate and Ashley wouldn't be reprising the role of baby of the family Michelle Tanner on —but it was still such a disappointment when cameras started to roll without them.

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