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The river freezes in October; the ice breaks up from late May to early June. At the mouth there is fishing for European cisco (Coregonus albula), broad whitefish (Coregonus nasus), muksun (Coregonus muksuri), inconnu (Stenodus leu-cichthys nelma), and arctic cisco (Coregonus autumnalis).

The river is navigable from the mouth of the Moma River (1,086 km).

Tundra Yukaghir (henceforward TY) is one of the two survivors, the second being Kolyma Yukaghir (henceforward KY), of a group of closely related languages spoken by the peoples (wadul/odul) that once populated the vast area of the Russian Empire between the cost of the North Polar See and the upper reaches of Yana, lowlands appeared to be the final marine staging area for birds before they traveled along inland routes (up to 70 km from the coast) and coastal routes across the lowlands, moving to more westerly summer areas that ranged from the Ultimate low: in Oymyakon, no-one thinks it's cold until the mercury hits -50[degrees]C, a fur hat really is a must-have and de-icing livestock is a part of everyday life.

In certain areas the channel splits up into branches.

Rounding the Moma Mountain Range, the Indigirka flows along a low-lying plain.

, river, NE Siberian Russia, in the Sakha Republic.

It rises in the Oymyakon plateau and flows c.1,100 mi (1,770 km) N into the Arctic Ocean.

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