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The autopsy is being done at the moment and they found bruises on his back, his face expression is also very weird, cramped somehow as if he was in pain. It was quite unnerving and surprising, but I spoke with my friend about it and she reckons it was the energy shifting?Do you think he’s trying to tell me something with these goosebumps or is it just me having goosebumps because I’m so shocked by his death? Idk, now that I think about it, it was pretty cool!

I woke up with chills up my spine and I was tired even though I know I slept for a while, I usually wake up just fine, great even I wake up smiling.Today I meditated with my Celestite crystal i saw a bright golden tunnel and at the end i saw bright white colour.I think this was my third eye and my guardian angel showing me white. Could this be my guardian angel confirming what i saw when i meditated?i am new in this, ive heard something about spiritual paths, but im not sure what are those. Reply I’m a massage therapist and sometimes my treatment room will get super cold all of a sudden and I will feel a presence behind me or next to me.Sometimes I can’t move my hand from the spot I’m on and my hand will feel buzzy and tingly. It is usually at an injury site or acupressure point. It used to freak me out but I’m kind of used to it now. Reply I was googling my feelings and it landed me here with so much meaning and helped me to understand more of what happens to me and now I know it is positive.

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