Is lisa cimorelli dating austin mahone

It’s just so funny, because Twitter thinks like…there’s this massive love triangle between me and Camila and Shawn. ” In an interview with Capital FM, Shawn played “Lips, Wife, Leave It!

Jacob Whitesides and Shawn Mendes’ names have recently been thrown into the mix of Camila’s potential future boyfriends – but Jacob denies that anything is going on.

The sister band’s new music video consists of a variety of Taylor Swift songs, from her country days.

Some of the songs included are “Love Story”, “All Too Well”, You Belong With Me”, “Mean”, “Our Song”, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and more.

The girls also have another 4 brothers, Alex, Christian, Nick and Joey. Youngest sister Dani joined the group in 2010 (age 10).

I'm not going to be able to update till either Wednesday or Thursday. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Austin's POV ~~~~~~~~ Today will be tough, because me and Lauren have kissed on the cheek in front of her and mine parents, but they think we're just best friends. IF YOU EVER HURT HER I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE A LIVING HELL!!! So sorry, but I told your dad about her and Drew." "Why?

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