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Getting familiar with each of these ingredients, and their vegan alternatives, is key to learning how to cook Italian dishes. If one food exemplifies Italian cooking, it’s pasta.Despite what you may have heard, indigenous arctic tribes don’t really have 500 words for snow.But if I had to pick one, I’d recommend learning to cook Mexican food first.Mexican food usually takes less time to make than Italian food, especially if you’ve got a pressure cooker and use store-bought corn or wheat tortillas.107) has become my mother’s go-to meal for special family gatherings.This recipe is certainly off the beaten path, but its combination of delicate crepes, creamy vegan ricotta, and tomato sauce makes for one of the most delicious casseroles I’ve ever eaten.Italian and Mexican food have much in common, especially where their healthfulness is concerned.

I regard Mexican and Italian food as two of the easiest cuisines for a beginner cook to learn.Additionally, Mexican food puts a greater emphasis on beans than any other cuisine, and beans are an important protein source for vegans.But don’t let my comparison to Mexican food discourage you from delving into Italian cooking.You can’t hurry along this sort of food without compromising the results.The saying “good things take time,” has never been more apt than when describing Italian food.

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