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He educates the white protagonist on the history of black Indians, showing a photograph of himself with his African American father and Native American mother.

In Jeremy Love's graphic novel Bayou, the character Bedford is of Choctaw and African American descent.

King Philip, Chief Osceola and Wild Cat were key figures in the 2nd Seminole war between the US and the Seminole Nation. Should the Indians remain in this territory, the negroes among them will form a rallying point for runaway negreos from adjacent states." article Indian in the Family explores the topic of black/Indian mixing in the US.

The US General Sidney Jesup apparently saw the mixing of blacks and Indians in the Seminole Nation as a threat: "... Today, there are large numbers of black Americans of Native American ancestry.

In the 1780s, certain white Virginians began to agitate for the termination of the Gingaskin Indian Reservation in Northampton County... Later, when African slaves were brought to the Americas, they intermingled with indigenous peoples from North America to South America.

In 1812 it was argued that: 'the place is now inhabited by as many black men as Indians... In the early days of slavery, indigenous peoples of the Americas and Africans were enslaved together.

After success via the social media app Vine, the duo turned to a career as musicians.

Jack & Jack are an American pop-rap duo from Omaha, Nebraska, consisting of Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, who are now based in Los Angeles, California.

It was said that 52 of his 55 body guards were black.

Seminole King Philip too had a black son John Philip, half brother to Chief Wild Cat.

Since the earliest days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade, Africans have formed alliances with indigenous peoples in South and Central America.

By 1502, runaway Africans had joined native communities in Haiti.

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