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Note that we are including several couples in this mix because honestly, as a team effort they were really kind of impressive in what they accomplished during their time on Big Brother (whether through game play or purely by random acts of luck), even if as individual players they were sometimes sucky.TOP FIVE BEST BIG BROTHER PLAYERS Honorable Mentions: Hayden Moss (for being the defacto head of the most successful ), Mike “Boogie” Malin (Dr.By a vote of 5-4 Eric was the third house guest evicted from the big brother house.Week 4 – In the HOH competition called “Power Roller” Maggie won and chose to nominate Kaysar and James for eviction.

We originally had him at number three on our previous list, but Dan’s funeral in Tagged: Big Brother, big brother cast, Brendon Villegas, dan gheesling, daniele donato, Danielle Reyes, dr.

This seasons twist was advertised as the “Summer of Secrets”, where each of the house guests had a secret partner that they knew from the real world.

The house guests had to keep their secret partner a secret and initially each of the house guests thought that they were the only secret pair.

As HOH, Howie then nominated Ivette as the replacement nominee.

By a vote of 6-1 Sarah was the fifth house guest evicted from the big brother 6 house.

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By a vote of 9-2 Ashlea was the first house guest evicted form the big brother 6 house.

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