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Her props are two cushions, lovingly hand-stitched with pictures of the heads of her ex-boyfriend and current love interest; when she is pretending to be them, she holds the cushions up in front of her face, giggling.

It sounds very sweet, twee, even, but the beautiful thing about Cave’s new show is the jarringly dark disjunct between this set-up and the material that pours out of her in an impulsive, emotional, occasionally filthy, and frequently very funny, wave.

” she wails) and the difficulties of dating as a single mother in the age of Tinder.

If these sound like fairly well-worn topics, it is Cave’s compulsive honesty that elevates them into something special.

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It adds up to a rich tapestry which, while laying Cave bare, also has much to say about the double bind of being a modern woman – from balancing career and being a role model with having children, to dating, rejection and abuse.

You can download Jessie’s previous show, I Loved Her, from Soho Theatre On Demand.

Creatives: Adam Brace: Dramaturg and Director Adam Welsh: Composer / Sound Designer Sean Hawkins: Lighting Designer Debbie Cave: Backdrop Designer The Patrick Studio is easily accessible from our Thorp St entrance or from Level 3 inside the theatre.

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