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“The way that it came across, that it was a media-attention fight or something like that, is just ridiculous,” Mancuso said. The truth is everyone seems to be more concerned about how we get along than we even think about it.” The Olympics came to an end for Mancuso with the giant slalom. As for Vonn, she will compete in today’s slalom race despite her broken pinkie, if the race goes off as scheduled.Mancuso also took to Facebook, where she posted a video profile done in 2006 about the two skiers. She won two silvers here, becoming the most decorated female skier in U. Rain and fog forecast for the women’s Olympic slalom could jeopardize yet another Alpine event.Mancuso won gold in 2006, but it was Vonn who got most of the attention entering these Olympics.Mancuso told this week that all of the focus on Vonn has had an affect on the team dynamics.You go, “Wait a minute, I’m staying at a five-star hotel for free and skiing the most amazing spots in the world.” Still traveling in an RV with bunkbeds and tie-dyed sarongs on the wall? My sister’s an artist so I’m always listening to some Sara Mancuso. Any chance of you and little sis competing together in 2014?

Evan Lysacek, a professional figure skater and 2014 Sochi gold medalist hopeful, has been rumored to be dating several different women over the years including Olympic gymnast Nastia Luiken.To listen to the extended interview click here, or subscribe to our i Tunes podcasts.—Stayton Bonner How do you stay competitive during the season?However, the latest whispers are of Evan Lysacek’s new girlfriend Vera Wang.This scandalous matchup definitely has members of the skating and fashion world alike raising eyebrows.

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