Jun matsumoto and kiko mizuhara dating

When there was an uproar on the internet, his account was then deleted.“The theory of G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko’s passionate love started to resurface on the internet in August of 2010.At the time, G-Dragon’s agency didn’t allow relationships between men and women.Within those celebrities who have done the challenge, the person who nominated Mizuhara was G-Dragon, a member of the K-POP group Big Bang who are also popular in Japan.

The person she nominated and the person who he was with has been fast gaining attention.Either the photographer was a few feet away like a stealth ninja or the couple wanted to go public.This couple looks cute simply because they appear to really enjoy each others company in a low-key comfortable way.Yay if they are dating and don’t mind going public.For Kiko Mizuhara, the future is as bright as her smile.

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But knowing that onscreen Makino and Domyouji got their happy ending in real life is one of those shipper epic fantasies so the excitement over then is all too understandable.

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