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Then he grabs my hand and has me reach back to hold behind the knot so he can watch and jack off.

I manage to fuck myself for about 5 minutes with Maverick's fat wang.

The dog pulls away and I see this HUGE fucking cock knotted out and dangling down. That big dog tongue was better than any rimjob I'd ever had! So I pull the sweats to my ankles and start to get on all fours. His claws scrape the hell out of my right leg and ass as he's mounting. That red missle finds my hole and damn if the dog doesn't just shove it all the way in! It burned going it- but then I felt the magic happen. I could feel the dog still humping some and his cock filling my hole and stretching it. The guy asked me again if I wanted the knot, I said no way!

Start by entering the chat anonymously as a guest user or register a nickname with the form below. Click Here to See Who is Online at My Free Cams right now!He's a cummer as it turns out, and he strings my face with 3 or 4 ropes of juice.I put his cock in my mouth to get the last bit of his cum and jack my cock furiously. Maverick came over and licked it up- then licked his owner's cock. It was hot and different and a turn-on, but it also made me feel ashamed, and dirty.I can feel the juice starting to drip out of my ass (dogs cum a LOT! Even though I want more, I sorta want to see the dog cock-- and perhaps taste the cum.I slip Maverick out of my ass while still keeping my hand gripped behind his knot.

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I was actually the first guy he'd agreed to share his dog with.

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