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JPBB67- Ms Yukari Suzaki, 5-7 Tomioka 2, JP-047-0033 Otaru, Hokkaido, JAPAN. A5, 28 photocopied pages, penpals, clubs, 100 ads, samle $ 10 or 10 IRCs, listings free. KEAC178- Kenyan Girls, World Penpal Agency, PO Box 26581, Nairobi, KENYA. 28-page offset printed multicolor A5-magazine, 20.000 circulation, 350 penpals, photos, collectors, clubs etc. KZGC12- Almaty & Tien Shan, Pyotr Mostrenko, V Radostovza 152 G 46, KZ-480060 Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN. OUT OF BUSINESS, MAIL RETURNED SEPTEMBER 2008 KZDG98cm41 Miss @ Friends @ Hobby @ E-mail, KAZAKHSTAN.Email: [email protected] KEBF94- Pen Friend Services, Nixon Macakiage, PO Box 60673, Nairobi, KENYA. A5, 12 pages, photocopy, 60 ads, sample $ 5, 25 words free. OUT OF BUSINESS, MAIL RETURNED SEPTEMBER 2008 KZCM153al13 Dos 3/1999, KAZAKHSTAN.Listing free, your ad $ 2 or 4 IRCs, sample $ 5 or 10 IRCs.JOBB17- Friendship & Peace Directory (July/97), Ayman Omar Abdo, PO Box 20261, JO-11118 Amman, JORDAN.LKYC343 Good Friends 1/95, HIA Intl Penpal Network, 70 Messenger St, Colombo 12, SRI LANKA.A5, 22 pages, offset, 150 penpals, info $ 1 or 2 IRCs.

KZBM52- Int'l Pen-Pal Club, Altai-Eurasia Center, PO Box 939, KZ-492020 Ust-Kamenogorsk, KAZAKHSTAN. LBXC32- International Pen Pal Bureau, C Zardehgar S Tarr PO Box 20- 5726, LB-1000 Monrovia 20, LIBERIA. LIDM127- Geldbrief, Informationsdienste Auditor Aktiengesellschaft, Postfach 1618, Am Schrgen Weg 14, LI-9490 Vaduz, LIECHTENSTEIN. LKFG100- Hero Penpals Magazine, M I H Ibrahim, 135/2 Bankshall Street, Colombo 11, SRI LANKA. LKDA143al114 Calling from Asia (1/2000), 9 Samarakkody Mawatha, Gampaha WP, SRI LANKA.

B5, 8 pages, 34 penpals, club ads, sample US$ 2 or 2 IRCs.

JPLG58 ld35 Mail Art - Brain Cell 685 June 2007, Ryosuke Cohen, 3-76-1-A-613 Yagumokitacho, Moriguchi-City, Osaka 570; JAPAN.

A5, 8 pages, photocopied, 25 penpals, collectors, club ads, your listing and sample $ 5, 5 or 5 IRCs.

* Single's Int'l Jan 2005, sample $ 4, 4 or 4 IRCs.

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