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Under this renewed agreement, free 90-day on-arrival visas for visitors between the two countries will continue more..

Being a political activist, Prof Fonseka was a prominent member of the Trotskyist LSSP. Harsha de Silva said that the announcement of the Prez Candidate of the UNP-led Democratic National will take place at the 73rd Anniversary of UNP on Sept 6.

This year, he has chosen to base his sermons on an extensive counsel given by Imam Ali bin Abu Talib SA to his son Imam Hasan SA. Sep 2 (Island) The Ceylon Bank Employees Union (CBEU), yesterday, said that it was deeply concerned about what a senior spokesman called a hidden agenda in presenting a Bill to enhance Authorised Share Capital (ASC) of the Peoples Bank.

The spokesman said that they believed that the govt was making a bid to privatise the Peoples Bank on the pretext of enhancing the ASC from Rs 1 bn to Rs 50 bn. Sep 2 (TM) Minister Malik Samarawickrema has revised down the export target of 2019 to $ 18.5 billion from the initial $ 20 billion.

Sep 2 (CT) As Sri Lanka ambles or bungles itself into all sorts of presidential election wrangles and tangles the truth is that no one did anything about advance warnings received from India and elsewhere.

Put that into your pipes and some on it awhile at least they used to do that long ago with lesser curses all around.

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The remains are to be buried at a site notified by the District Secretary of Batticaloa, stated the Police. Sep 2 (NR) Govt of Maldives and Govt of SL have exchanged an Agreement of Cooperation and three Mo Us, to facilitate practical engagement between the two govts.

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