Leonardo di caprio dating

The pair ended their relationship after a few months.

Philips also dated Elijah Wood and married Danny Masterson in 2011.

She has worked with top-notch brands including Star Blake Lively came to light while they were cozying up on a yacht in the Cannes.

The short-lived romance lasted for five months before they went their separate ways.

If you're an adult under the age of 40, and you've spent any time in Los Angeles in the past 20 years, you have had sex with Leonardo Di Caprio. But apparently, Camila is not Leo's typical flavor of the month.

For one thing, she's not blonde, which is a major departure from Leo's usual M. More importantly, it seems Leo has met his match in terms of a partner who's worldly, well-educated, and passionate about the important issues.

Leonardo Dicpario has amassed huge wealth for himself and currently has a staggering net worth of 5 million.

Their relationship lasted for about 10 months before things fizzled out.His impressive performance in the movie earned him several awards; thus bringing him into the limelight.In addition to being a movie star, the veteran actor is also a producer.Kristen was said to have dumped him because of his childishness and immaturity in 2007.Later in the same year, Leo also had a fling with the Danish Model Helena Christensen as well as Species star Natasha Henstridge and Emma Bunton.

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