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Oxygen Media’s diverse team of creative executives will continue developing the show with this point of view.' And in a press release the network previously explained that the show 'will capture the highs and lows of this extreme ‘blended family’ that is anything but ordinary, while also showing the drama and the passion behind life’s most unexpected situations.' It said viewers could expect 'outrageous and authentic over-the-top moments that our young, diverse female audience can tweet and gossip about.'The network has now confirmed that All My Babies' Mamas, will no longer air in the spring.The network offered no reason for curtailing the project.Does your man pay more attention to his mother, than he does to you?Are you dating a guy who can’t go a day without calling his mama on the phone?In a statement issued on Tuesday, the television network said that after reviewing the casting the decision was made 'not to move forward' with the fly-on-the-wall.

Although the trope is usually played as inherently negative, it can also be portrayed in a more positive light, becoming essentially a gender-inversion of Daddy's Girl in which mother and son are simply very close and utterly adore each other, often to the exclusion of the father (if he's even around to begin with); and while the well-meaning mother might naturally welcome the idea of her son getting hooked, the usual doting and spoiling with which she treats her son might be a bit overwhelming for potential Love Interests...

If a guy is excessively devoted to his mother and he's not obviously a manly man, then he will be seen as a sensitive guy even if he doesn't act like one.

His mother might try to completely dominate his life, to the point of telling him who to marry (and if he disobeys then she'll try to ruin his relationship or at least ruin her life too), turning him into a Momma's Boy: hopeless with women, timid, weak, and lacking the spirit to stand up to his mother. On the other hand, if he does stand up to her then he's not a Momma's Boy, even though she's still My Beloved Smother.

'Despite public outcry, Oxygen originally defended its yeat-to-air show.

In a statement it said: 'Oxygen’s one-hour special in development is not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross-section of society.'It is a look at one unique family and their complicated, intertwined life…

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