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We share stories from our youth, Dave talks about his struggle quitting smoking, Dave criticizes Chris’ romantic history, we talk about shooting cocaine and heroin simultaneously in seperate arms, Dave talks about interviewing Bob Weir when he was high (and only asking him about Jerry Garcia), and we play another voice memo from Steve in the UK about huffing and getting taken advantage of by an animal.

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Unfortunately the Facebook platform also removed the rest of the discussion – which was not our intention, as we do not wish to give the impression that we are not open for constructive feedback.” Venter added: “We are committed to understanding the matters around the LGBTQ community better, and reporting on it in a responsible way.” Mohrmann, however, believes that more needs to be done; calling for an apology to be posted and broadcast by the station.

He also urged Venter to take steps to educate staff on LGBTIQ issues.

When you write the developers of the app, you get a response but yet they never really do anything about the problem other than sometimes deleting an account.

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The IOC are halving the maximum testosterone level permitted for women’s events. This includes wrestling by the way.” The meme further states: “IOC changes rules to allow transsexual men to compete against women,” indicating the poster’s ignorance by incorrectly referring to transgender people as transsexuals. ” Others expressed their shock at the post, calling out the station for “insensitive sensationalism.” Jholerina Angel-Khoetage Timbo of Wings To Transcend Namibia, commented: “You should be ashamed that you use a community in a negative light without understanding the challenges already faced by our community on a daily basis.” In a letter to the station, Aedin Mohrmann, Co-founder of Land Of The Queers, said: “We cannot fathom any reasoning for posting such a disrespectful photo [by] a large, well known media conglomerate in 2019.” Continued Mohrmann: “Trans people receive enough discrimination as it is.

The post sparked a flurry of laughing emojis and transphobic comments by the station’s listeners, who seem to view transgender individuals as some kind of “inhuman” group. We as a community do not need your online bullying of an entire group of people who are simply trying to live their lives in their own expression, in a world very much out to get them.” The post was then removed from the page following the complaints, but the station did not publicly acknowledge what it had done or apologise on the page.

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