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"Some people look at them in the wrong way." Joumana Akhdar, 42, is leaving a Lebanese grocery store to prepare lunch for her 23-year-old son.

Her family are the only Muslims in their building, and are welcomed, she says.

He wouldn't like her to wear a full burka or niqab, covering everything but the eyes.

"In Australia, I don't think it's a good idea," she says.

He introduces himself as Leigh, but won't give his surname. "They came here on the agreement, or 'griment'," he says.

"When Indians were treated like slaves." That dark past does not seem entirely forgotten.

' THEY' RE TERRITORIAL, VILLAGE PEOPLE' The group at the table - a Lebanese Muslim, Fijian-Indian Catholic and Burmese atheist - look uncomfortable, and begin talking among themselves. Leigh feels that he's the one who doesn't fit in, and suffers the discrimination. I've had people yell at me - look, look, an Anglo!

Muhammad Nazir, 71, and Sayed Alam, 25, are teasing their friend Michael Chinappa about taking him to a nightclub to meet women, as the embarrassed 84-year-old removes his baseball cap to reveal a shock of white hair and rubs a hand over his lined face."It's taken focus away from the Parliamentary process that led to this and the Australian Christian Lobby that was running the campaign."Our leaders taking the decision to support the No campaign, they've justified the attention it's getting. You can walk into a shop and find all these different things. We've got loyal customers, good people who know who we are.Mr Gazal is rushed off his feet preparing for New Year's Eve parties, Christmas gatherings, family celebrations. She's more troubled by her demanding, middle-aged female customers. "It's not like in Bankstown where everything is a set price, even if it's on discount, they still bargain. Her family is from Egypt, which she didn't like when she visited.The the men were sexually aggressive, even young boys threw rocks in the street and her mother wouldn't let her speak in taxis for fear her Aussie-accented Arabic would see them ripped off.

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"I've been wearing this for a long time, but no one tell me anything," she says. "We prefer Muslim to marry Muslim, so they don't have problems in the future," she says, giving the example of deciding whether to send children to church or the mosque.

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