Netvibes feeds not updating

Netvibes also offers a similar way to do this by using the Webnotes widget.

Students must be logged in to use it, but it can be integrated in order to give anonymou feedback.

And the weather, of course, although this might scare off your students ;-).

There is a Time Out London widget with the Pick of the Day.

But you could go a step further: Create a Netvibes dashboard and let students work on it collaboratively.

They can collect all sorts of sources in one place.

Usually, news portals offer just a limited amount of RSS or Atom feeds including the latest news or categories of new such as politics, sports etc.

Ideally, you want to do this via an interactive whiteboard so that all groups see how far the others are.

Here are 12 quick ideas to use Netvibes in the classroom that I came up with after doing a little brainstorming session with myself.

I need to check that against the—presumably—millions of blog posts that deal with the same topic.

My goal is to come up with ideas that are easy to set into action and—as I believe—are a didactical plus.

The ideas are in no particular order, feel free to suggest more ideas in the comments.

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