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Intimate relationships requires people to look down themselves and open up who they really are.But nice guys are always wearing a mask and always hiding their true self. There are two types of nice guys: Glover calls the second type “avoidants”, possibly referencing to the avoidant attachment style.The key of the integrated male is total acceptance of who he is.The integrated male: There are two types of nice guys.The nice guy is afraid of conflict but nothing ever gets solved with him because he doesn’t necessarily agree, he just avoids conflict (also read passive aggression).

Both to nice guys and even to understand nice guys’ psychology -and general psychology-.

Robert Glover says that nice guy is actually a misnomer and nice guys aren’t nice at all.

Glover presents the integrated male as the antithesis to the nice guy and the type of man the nice guy should strive to become.

Great Overview of Nice Guys I listed a lot of cons, but I often do with great books because I hold them at a higher standard.

So don’t get it wrong, No More Mr Nice Guy is an awesome overview on the “too nice guy” phenomenon.

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Those who think they are bad and need to correct themselves, and those who think they are so good and lie to themselves to keep their self image.

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