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Norwegian thug Roger Bullman (top and bottom left) is thought to be on the run after he failed to show up at Phuket Provincial Court this morning to assess his bail conditions.

Several drivers were so confused by the new bus lane and a nearby road closure (bottom right) that they appear to have entered the bus lane twice meaning they could be fined £120.

As tension mounts on a critical day for the country, Mr Johnson is meeting Tory MPs as he urges them to fall back into line.

But the threat to eject them from the party has infuriated many, and there is little sign his pleas will be heeded.

The Good Morning Britain host said MPs had tried to 'thwart the will of the people' who had voted to leave the EU in angry exchanges with the SNP leader today.

Piers began by saying: 'The absolute truth of this is that parliament, for three years, has systematically done everything in its power to prevent the will of the people and the way they voted in the majority how they voted in the referendum.' Sturgeon raised a smile, prompting Piers to hit back: 'You may laugh but 17.4 million people, I believe, have every right to feel betrayed by parliament!

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