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All men value the size of their manhood so for a gorgeous woman, whom he idolises and worships, to ridicule it, laugh at it and point is shameful.

She can also make him measure it against small objects such as chipolata sausages, baby carrots and the like to really hit home to him just how small his dick really is.

As he sits on the pan he will be unable to think of anything other than the days he could stand, whip his dick out and piss standing up.

Making him get on his knees and give fellatio to a dildo, instructing him how to suck and lick it and how fast to do it, will be very, very degrading It might not sound it, but ignoring a slave is very humiliating.

Sitting reading a magazine, filing your nails, surfing the web or whatever, while he sits silently, desperate for your attention but not getting it is a powerful tool for a Domme to use.

The only thing worse for a straight slave than anal is being forced to perform blow jobs.

He doesn’t want a dick in his mouth which is what makes this such an effective humiliation.

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