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Oprah is a wise woman, and she's a very self-aware.She knows what's best for her, and continues moving forward with her fantastic career and relationship.King agreed, recalling her own misfortunes when she tried to surprise her ex by revealing a sexy outfit hidden under a trench coat (it apparently didn’t go over well).When it comes to handing over the phone pass code to a significant other, Winfrey says no but King is all for it. Winfrey and King gave fervent nos, but laughingly questioned whether they were just too old to even comment on that.Thankfully she had the late Maya Angelou to help her in moments of doubt.Whatever the problem, count on eternal besties Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King to dole out solid advice on how to solve it.

You don't know what it's like when people are saying things about--'... She actually said, 'Whoever's sitting at the typewriter, they're thinking, What can we say this week that's going to sell some stories?

As the actress/talk show mogul/would-be presidential candidate recently revealed, she'd turn to the author and civil rights activist in times of dire straits.

Her words of courage and conviction helped her immensely, especially when it came to Winfrey's personal life.

The Insta clip also showed her updating the O of OMG HOW IS THIS LIFE?? Your selflessness.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Thank you for the egoless way in which you orbit my world, when necessary (and even when not).

😍🙌🏾 @Oprah gave me some love advice a while back...

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And bonus: They really do dole out solid dating advice, so why not listen to them?

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