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Many XMLObjects contain a collection of child objects, for example a SAML Assertion may contain many Statements.

The idea I had here was that people would be able to afix validators to objects and throw them over a wall. XMLObject Builder Factory; import org.opensaml.saml2 Abstract Validating XMLObject.validate(Abstract Validating at val.main( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (a) authn Statement.validate(false) should have spotted that Authn Instant is required (b) Authn Statement Schema Validator.validate did correctly spot that Authn Instant is required (c) authn Statement.validate(true) does not attempt validation of authn Statement itself (debug statement at Abstract Validating is not called) (d) authn Statement.validate(true) dies with a Null Pointer Exception at Abstract Validating Have I got something fundamentally wrong?log rotation w/ configurable naming and compression) that don't appear in other logging frameworks.If you wish to use logback you need the logback-core and logback-classic jars from the logback distribution. SOAP12Fault Serializer.class wsdl.extensions.soap12. SOAP12Header Fault Impl.class wsdl.extensions.soap12. SOAP12Header Serializer.class wsdl.extensions.soap12.

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