Overcoming dating fears

In August, we published a tutorial on how to be a smooth operator on the phone.We discussed some of the basic rules of phone conversation, and we even offered some wisdom on why the phone is an important first step in online dating.Another part of the fear re: phone calls is an absence of things to discuss, of awkward pauses and momentary glitches in the flow of conversation. There is in writing down topics in advance to make phone conversation smoother. The only shame is in being so scared of the phone that you don't even make it past the online stage to a real life meeting. We all have a fear of getting close to people, but we must overcome that fear if we want to find love.

While it may seem difficult, these fears need to be overcome if you want to date online successfully.We’ve probably had situations where we were rejected in our careers and relationships, and we know it hurts and want to protect ourselves. When you can show even one part of your vulnerability, it allows the other person to share their vulnerability with you. There are actionable tips to help you overcome your fears and live your best life.Therefore, the fear of rejection in dating feels very real. For example, public speaking is an easy one to work on. [In a relationship], you can reinforce one another and support each other. And in ten weeks, I went from not being able to bike around the block to riding the five boroughs! You can find Patty’s book by clicking the link below. Most of the anxiety stems from a fear of not having anything to talk about (which can be awkward indeed).But the phone isn't as scary as it looks or seems.

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