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Jed is still at the top, but who's at the very bottom? Even though they were absolutely terrified, he and Hannah went naked bungee jumping, and then had a really good conversation over dinner.

Then the Luke drama unfolded over that naked bungee jumping, but Garrett kept his cool as best he could in the face of a man who was Ohhhh Jed. Off screen..appears he was perhaps even worse than Scott, the guy who Hannah dramatically threw out in the premiere for having a girlfriend.

"First I want you to know how hard it has been for me to watch myself this season so far.

Regardless of what is aired AND IF [Hannah] and I are together or not my behavior in all situations has been and will continue to be exposed.

Why Cam got a rose in episode two after all his barging in is beyond us, and why Cam wasn't immediately sent home after losing it on Mike is equally beyond us, but Hannah came to her senses in episode three.

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Looks like he left that out of his little confession to Hannah about the music!A post shared by Luke Joshua Parker (@luke_parker777) on Luke and Hannah's little moment of reckoning came in an episode filled with drama. He seems fun, they have fun together, and we're very much on board with Pilot Pete.Hannah had to go to the hospital after passing out, Cam did his best to continue to Always Be super annoying, and Tyler G. Meanwhile, the rest of the guys (inadvertently) did their best to climb up our ladder of winners and losers. Garrett jumped to the forefront of the Luke situation last week, but this week he made up for it with a jump of a different kind.Please note that this topic area is not for Customer Service and/or Technical Support.If you are having an issue with your Parker Guitar, it is highly recommended that you contact Parker's Customer Service at 1-800-877-6863 or [email protected]

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