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Her parents bought a seemingly rare clock from the local Kmart, keeping it in the family room. Joseph lives in Morrisville, PA and has a 4 year old son Jaime. Mere days before graduating from law school, Dom received a marriage proposal from the person she was dating. She has a kid brother, Joseph, for whom she rolled joints in high school.She calls him a "dickhead" in Persian, talking to the Iranian clerk.Later she is seen in a dim room full of whiteboards when a fellow FBI agent takes her to an interrogation room where Gideon Goddard is waiting.

She gets ready for work, fixing her hair and makeup while drinking coffee, and stares blankly into the mirror.A colleague shares a recurring nightmare, where she is observed by a masked man; Dom flatly states that she doesn't dream before turning conversation back to work.Agent Santiago's FBI task force travels to Beijing for a meeting with representatives of the Ministry of State Security.The next day she returns to interview the Romero's eldery mother, winning her favor by rolling joints.Di Pierro discovers a flyer for an "End of the World Party", and follows it to the Fun Society arcade in Coney Island.

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Visiting the deli, Dom learns that Ahmed is closing up shop.

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