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#Where RThe Real Men Of God I know Marvin Sapp is lonely and it is time he starts dating. Suggest visit this site to SHOPPING ONLINE all brands brand,fashion style,cheap price ==== === jordan air max oakland raiders --39; Handbags T shirts Jean(True Sunglasses New era cap Bikini ==== ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬ ==== Well if Diamond from the "Players Club" can snatch up A well known preacher, why can't Imani?? Her, first lady Jakes, Juanita Bynum be kicking it, okay. I wouldn't want my daughter posting crap like that. Think he would lose a lot of respect from the gospel community by chosing someone that doesn't care how they expose themselves.His wife died in 2010 but this girl is not pastor's wife material. I feel bad for women in the church serving and waiting these tv stars comin in like whirlwinds and snatching preachers up!! A true women of God shows by her character and her respect for her self and others. What kind of example is she setting for young women.Bishop Marvin Sapp Shares Dating Advice for ‘Non-Covenant’ Relationships (Photo: Marvin Sapp)Christian minister and recording artist Marvin Sapp.Bishop Marvin Sapp has some advice for people dating in the church.

She can change if she really found love and happiness....As long as she know she cant be the same as she was before if she decides to take on that role.I'm not judging because I am not God and I don't know either of them personally to say much about it..Whatever the outcome I hope both are in it for the right reasons. If she do call herself save and sanctified why be on such a show showing her flesh like that and posting these pics.The bible says to not let your good be evil spoken of.

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