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Phone sex and chatline websites look old and are known for being vulgar, spammy and even dangerous in some cases.Our mission at the chatline guide is to offer honest chatline reviews in a safe and clean environment, that means no nudity, no pop-ups, no redirects, no spam, and no absolutely no malware; inconveniences that plague most phone chat websites, especially those in the adult phone chat sub-niche.These could be stories from the week, current events or any interesting projects that you may be working on.Have that list available when talking and if you need to use it, make sure it doesn't sound like you're speaking from a script.A lot of men are convinced that the only way to win a woman over is by playing games.One example of a game is waiting a long period of time before calling a woman back.Also, get comfortable beforehand with some enjoyable music and a glass of water.

To avoid this, writing down a list of 20 things to potentially talk about is wise.

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Waiting more than 72 hours before calling a girl back may cause her to think you're not interested.

When in the beginning stages of a relationship, avoid sending text messages, as they are easily misinterpreted.

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