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Overall, the marketplace layout is clean, and is shared by most apps.Category filtering and other options sit just above the horizontal scroll's west side, creating a uniform look across the games, music and video marketplaces that's easy to navigate.

Next download the latest update for the Xbox from here.

By embracing Metro, the Xbox finally like a Microsoft product, donning the same uniform as the outfit's smartphone OS and upcoming Windows revision.

When we last saw the Metro Dashboard update, it reminded of us Windows 8, with Metro pages sliding left and right at the flick of a finger -- or at least the wave of an arm.

You can scope out a "season pass" subscription landing page, various advertisements, a pre-defined "most popular" filter, or simply dive in to the alphabetized games marketplace.

Although we typically dig the cleaner Metro layout, the games marketplace was the one place where we missed the old dash's crossbar.

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