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The process was ridiculously slow as he had to strain his eyes to read the faint writings on the old and soiled leaves.

After an hour, the Nadi astrologer started translating and explaining the Nadi reading to the audience.

Here is the English version of what he copied from the original text in Tamil:1.

Sage Agasthya is narrating the special chapter of the Native and the planetary positions in his chart. The Native is named after the cowherd, Lord Krishna.2.

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G.'s natal horoscope, went inside his office and slowly brought a stack of leaves.

At last, he picked the leaf which corresponded to U.

G.'s natal chart and gave a sketchy outline of his life events.

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The old man was the custodian of the Koumara Nadi leaves, on which were written, hundreds of years ago in archaic Tamil, astrological predictions of people who might possibly consult them.

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