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When scans are performed for reassurance, we would recommend that you are at least 6 weeks from your last period date in order that we can see a fetal heartbeat.If you are less than 6 weeks, we may perform an alternative assessment or blood tests before we arrange an ultrasound scan.If so, please come at the time given to you, so you do not miss your allocated slot.We will try to see you at your appointment time, although delays can sometimes occur.If you experience pain in early pregnancy, an ectopic pregnancy needs to be considered as a possible diagnosis.We may need to perform as series of investigations before a final diagnosis is made.

Positive urine pregnant test and up to 12 weeks pregnant with: There are no walk-in slots or self-referrals.

Parking: The closest car park to the clinic is Car Park 2, located near the entrance to Green Zone.

Please allow sufficient time for parking before your appointment, as there can be queues to await entry.

It is important that you respond to our call to prevent a delay in your treatment.

After your first visit you may be given a follow-up appointment.

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