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We also examined whether measures from different scales were used in combination.This was an important observation in that the types of supplemental measures selected might reflect a missing dimension in the commonly used adolescent dating violence scales.Because a large proportion of electronic and sexual violence measures were project-developed, we took a closer look at the content of these items.

Another unresolved issue has to do with the potential impact of phrasing of the survey questions. Perhaps in-depth cognitive testing of these various options would be warranted.

This review aimed to summarize the behavioral measures of adolescent dating violence that are currently being used in research and evaluation, including common adaptations to these measures, and gaps between the definition of dating violence and forms of dating violence measured.

However, it is imperative that adolescent dating violence research progresses to a point where there is a better match between the conceptualization agreed on by the field and the behavioral measures used by researchers.

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First, and only applicable to the CADRI, researchers replaced gender-specific language with gender-neutral language e.

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Despite this fact, however, most of the measures tapped similar behaviors.

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