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Cue a gag montage of hilarious fails as he and his laughing friends try to rescue the tangled-up bicycle. Even if you can't take one home, you can still help their rescuers and the Santa Fe Humane Society continue their lifesaving work.via Jukin View Now It's Mothers' Day week, and Houzz is celebrating with a docu-series featuring Ashton Kutcher. Join the team today and help find others like Stewart their one true love!In the video above, Kutcher portrays "Raj," an Indian man and Bollywood film producer looking for love via the fictional "World Wide Lovers" dating service.Throughout the video, Kutcher enacts a number of Indian stereotypes, though the aspect most offensive to viewers seems to be that Kutcher is dressed in "brown face" makeup.The ad spurred a slew of memes on social media, with some parodying civil rights movement protests as Pepsi ads.Ashton Kutcher one drew allegations of racism over a commercial he filmed, in what marked one of many ads that have sparked similar backlashes.AN AMERICAN SNACK company has apologised after its latest ad campaign took some serious flack for featuring a ‘browned-up’ Ashton Kutcher imitating an Indian man.Popchips founder and CEO Keith Belling said he appreciated the feedback on what he thought was a light-hearted dating campaign parody.

We hope people can enjoy this in the spirit it was intended."The ad still exists on the company's You Tube page.I can’t imagine I have to explain this to anyone in 2012, but if you find yourself putting brown makeup on a white person in 2012 so they can do a bad “funny” accent in order to sell potato chips, you are on the wrong course. surprise when he realizes the fence he's lifting his fat bike over is electrified! Kutcher is clearly getting an A in all three ( Handsome dog bachelor Stewart finds himself in an emotional love triangle on the latest episode of "Dog Bachelor." Will it be Sarah R. About halfway through the dramatized "Bachelor" parody, you'll realize it's actually a genius ad for the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and their quest to find dozens of pets like Stewart loving forever homes.In sum, all the Kutcher videos represent various stereotypes, though the rest of them are not as likely to create such controversy: One focuses on Swordfish, who is meant to represent a biker and/or redneck; another portrays Darl, who might appear a bit homophobic; and in the third video, "Nigel," Kutcher mocks a fictional European pothead with delusions of being a Rastafarian. And while this incident is still unfolding online, it wouldn't be the first social media controversy for Kutcher.

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