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Given Microsoft’s failure to teach Tay what to say, not surprisingly, she adopted the offensive views of other users.Microsoft took Tay offline to make some “adjustments.” Although Tay is back online, her tweets are “protected.” Even our popular friend Alexa has journeyed to the dark side.How about the app store that supplied the technology?The question of who is responsible for the harm caused will be one courts may frequently grapple with as bots evolve.What about when the legal claim involves a state of mind?Can a self-learning program even commit libel or slander?Much like humans, bots come in all shapes and sizes.

Designed to mimic the personality of a 19-year-old American girl, Tay learned from the conversations she had with other users.Or when they make racial slurs and offensive comments?Within just one day of her launch, Microsoft’s chatbot, Tay, learned to make inappropriate and offensive comments on Twitter.Companies use bots for all types of things—from booking a ride to giving makeup tutorials. Besides saving time and money, bots have the potential to reduce errors and increase a business’s customer base.But what happens when bots spy on users and share personal information?

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