Robinson redating the new testament

This earlier dating of Revelation fits with the fact that John seems to assume a still-standing temple in Revelation 11, it also fits with John clearly identifying the coming great persecution of Nero (AD 60s) and the widely-believed concept that at least some of Revelation's symbols (if not all) refer to the catastrophic events of AD70-73.

To the western scholar and theologian, the questions of who wrote what and when are quite important.For example, Galatians was often thought to have been a very early book yet it contains the mature Paul of Romans, so - even many years ago - I believed that Galatians was not a very early epistle at all and must have been written around the same time as the theologically-mature Epistle to the Romans. I had not learned of the "Robinson redating" by then but I was later pleased that he had backed up much of what I had come to believe. Also Robinson is very in-depth with his research and doesn’t leave one stone unturned. Robinson (1919-1983) was a thoroughgoing theological modernist.Below I will attach some of the charts he provides related to the dating of the books and some of the historical events in the book of Acts (Paul’s timeline for example) My favorite sections that Robinson wrote on were that of Acts, Hebrews and Revelation. He began writing this book as a theological exercise, as "little more than a theological joke".

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