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Russell really had no idea what he was up against here. Just imagine Amanda in front of a jury, only if Amanda took a dump on the floor of Ponderosa right before Tribal Council. And from day one my goal was for this entry to reflect that. Anyway, one of the beliefs about Survivor that Isabella always held, which is one that I happen to agree with, is that the absolute worst place you can ever finish in a Survivor season is "the guy who loses the jury vote." That's it, hands down.And now it is time for Russell to face the music in front of a jury. I will never understand why anyone believes Russell Hantz deserved to wins Heroes vs Villains. There is no place you can finish in a season that is a bigger bummer than that one.However Parvati throws a wrench into all of that when she winds up winning immunity. By this point now, this should be a scene that you look forward to in every Russell season. These are the nine people that he has decided he wants to have a say in whether he wins a million dollars or not Here we go. Time for the arrogant and pompous Russell Hantz - the player who is better than Survivor, the player who is the Michael Jordan of Survivor- to get his humiliating comeuppance.Parvati even tries to warn him before the Jerri vote that he shouldn't do this. And now comes the most perfect end to the Russell Hantz Legacy that could ever be possible. And since Rupert really has nothing left to do in this game to save himself except kiss up for brownie points, he goes to Russell and he reports it. But it does become important if you watch how the jury reacts to it. In any case, the girls know that Russell isn't dumb enough to take one of the Heroes with him to the final two. So at this point they just start openly defying him. In other words, Russell very easily could have dumped an angry and bullied and crying Parvati onto the jury, just like he did to Danielle the episode before. Sandra talks shit about Russell, because, well, because that's kind of what Sandra does.And he wants to go to the end against Jerri and Sandra. The plan now is to take Parvati out so Russell can have yet another angry enemy on the jury. You'd think that Russell might want to listen to her logic. Yes, if you are keeping track at home, this is the famous scene that will take place in every single season that Russell Hantz ever plays Survivor.It's not really the most ideal strategic plan in the world, but hey it's a plan. At this point, after seeing it happen in both Samoa and Heroes and Villains, and seeing it happen the exact same way both times, you know this will become a yearly tradition as predictable as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Going into the final Tribal Council, this is the jury that Russell the Jury Slayer has managed to hand pick for himself.

Seriously, if you ever watch this scene again, watch for the moment where Sandra announces she is going to burn the hat, and listen for Parvati's reaction.

Even by Russell standards that would be unthinkable. By the way, I should point out that Russell would have voted out Parvati at the end this episode, except she wound up winning immunity. At this point really the only suspense left in Heroes vs Villains is who is going to destroy Russell at the end in the jury vote?

What exactly is the scary and powerful Russell Hantz going to do if they all start defying him?

For no reason whatsoever, for no payoff whatsoever, he backstabs his solid final three ally friend and he sends her crying to the jury. Remember how he threw a temper tantrum because Danielle and Parvati threw a big slumber party, and Russell didn't want that extra third wheel around? Not so much because Sandra will yell back, but more because Sandra just doesn't give a shit. And since Russell by law has to yell at somebody after something doesn't go his way on Survivor, you know who he is going to go after next. Since yelling at Sandra isn't going to go anywhere, instead he decides to yell at Parvati. At this point now we are playing "Russell shows you who's boss." And yes, sure enough. So this is Russell's new gameplan as he gets to the end.

From this point on, now the rest of the players in the game will all just be living with a crazy person. For the next six days until the end, Parvati, Sandra, Colby, Jerri, and Rupert will all be trapped in Russell Hell. And she is one of the most unflappable players in Survivor history. She just can't take any more of this guy and his bullshit anymore. He wants to put as many people as he can who hate him on the jury. You know, considering she is a person who has actually won Survivor before.

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