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Kuyda and Mazurenko, who by then had become close friends, came to believe that their futures lay elsewhere.

Both became entrepreneurs, and served as each other’s chief adviser as they built their companies.

He often dressed up to attend the parties he frequented, and in a suit he looked movie-star handsome.

The many friends Mazurenko left behind describe him as magnetic and debonair, someone who made a lasting impression wherever he went.

And his parties attracted sponsors with deep pockets — Bacardi was a longtime client.

“He was a brilliant guy,” said Kuyda, who was similarly ambitious.

Meanwhile, Mazurenko had grown from a skinny teen into a strikingly handsome young man.

Blue-eyed and slender, he moved confidently through the city’s budding hipster class.

Kuyda co-founded Luka, an artificial intelligence startup, and Mazurenko launched Stampsy, a tool for building digital magazines.

Kuyda moved Luka from Moscow to San Francisco in 2015. When Stampsy faltered, Mazurenko moved into a tiny alcove in Kuyda’s apartment to save money.

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  1. The only difference that I can see is it does not appear that the "for sale" instrument has "The" before Alvarez on the headstock, but that could very well be the angle/quality of the photo.