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Eventually I contact her, she admits to cheating and tells me to “ask her anything.” You see, she dumped her old guy and got a new guy.

She finds out I contacted her new guy to tell him what a c*nt she is.

I noticed her behavior was changing so I started to watch her closely.

She was getting home later than usual from work and going outside to talk on the phone so that is when I started to investigate things.

He is a Pu55y that runs and wont talk to me anymore. In short they’re both cheaters and always will be watch out! Oh and on the plus side her son was also involved he has been in my life since he was 1 years old and is very attached to me so now that I will be gone that poor baby is going to suffer and hurt because of what her and his dad decided to do. This b1tch goes after my husband after she moves here from Las Vegas to live with her boyfriend and sucks my husband’s d1ck in his home.

We were arguing alot and tried to get her to go to counseling but couldn’t get her to do it.

Told her I thought I would have a heart attack which turned out to be an anxiety attack.

She came to my aid and she was all dressed up which in the line of work she was in wasn’t necessary and she tried to lie to me and tell me she went to a friend’s and told her I know everything!

And then she sent a video message to me by accident that was for him thats when start flying off the handle.

Try to get her to go to counseling again couldn’t get her to do it The guy did she screwed around with is Gary Breyfogle.

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