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If you are planning on connecting multiple sc_trans instances to sc_serv then you must use the SHOUTcast 2 protocol support so that each sc_trans instance can have a unique identifier which allows for multiple streams to then be provided from a single server.

It is still possible for an older source to connect to the server with a number of config options available to support this though functionality will be limited compared to what can be done with a fully supporting SHOUTcast 2 source.

Finally clients connecting to your server do not need to directly support SHOUTcast 2 as sc_serv will repackage the stream data and any related metadata into the correct format the client requests (typically based on the user agent detected by the server).

If 'dstip / destip' is not specified then the server will attempt to auto-generate the IP required for the client to be able to connect.titleformat : Specify a string to be used in-place of the default icy-name string being used [Default = In all cases, the default value is for no debug logging for the options listed below.yp1debug : Enable debug logging of YP connections yp2debug : Enable debug logging of YP2 connections shoutcastsourcedebug : Enable debug logging of SHOUTcast source connections uvox2sourcedebug : Enable debug logging of SHOUTcast 2 source connections shoutcast1clientdebug : Enable debug logging of SHOUTcast streaming clients shoutcast2clientdebug : Enable debug logging of SHOUTcast 2 streaming clients relayshoutcastdebug : Enable debug logging for SHOUTcast relays relayuvoxdebug : Enable debug logging for SHOUTcast 2 relays relaydebug : Enable debug logging of common relay code streamdatadebug : Enable debug logging of common streaming code httpstyledebug : Enable debug logging of http style requests statsdebug : Enable debug logging of statistics microserverdebug : Enable debug logging of common server activity threadrunnerdebug : Enable debug logging of the thread manager rtmpclientdebug : Enable debug logging of rtmp clients admetricsdebug : Enable debug logging of ad metrics (v2.5 and newer) Note that intro and backup audio files must precisely match the format and bitrate for the stream!The following signals can be used with the 'kill' command (in the manner of your choosing for using the kill command) along with the Here you can find a complete list of all of the configuration options which are provided by sc_serv which ranges from logging to networking configuration and control over the media being used when streaming via the server.Configuration entries labelled as can be used to set up simultaneous connections to the server or allow for multiple connections from various sources.

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Additionally the PID of sc_serv is listed in the log file.

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