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The video quality is very good, also is the light, very attractive exterior scenes and much morbidity in the conversations with the protagonists.The girls are not actresses or professionals; girls who could be a friend, girlfriend, neighbor or co-worker: clerks, college girls, housewives…Girls that our friends of SNF found in everyday situations of everyday life: this is why is such a special place, by the naturalness and spontaneity of the situations that arise.In SNF (Smelly Natural Feet) you not only can gloat with videos and pictures of these beauties and exquisite and smelly feet, but you can also buy all kinds of shoes, stockings, panties and sweaty socks of the protagonists.The content you offer is similar to other major sites in the sector, such as CSS (candid stinky soles).Have you inspired on other websites for your project or SNF is a project that you had in mind previously?You may think that I have paid to speak so highly of a particular page, and it’s something I do not usually do, but I have to say that the only purpose of this article is to inform my audition about this magnificent web; there is no economic interest behind.If recommended, it is because there is quality and worth.

The long term is something about I do not like talking that much, concentration in the short term is required to make things happen; but having major objectives involves looking at the long term, and in this sense I would like Smelly Natural Feet was a reference in the sector of porn-erotic female feet, playing in the gap between foot fetish and good quality amateur porn, always from the amateur field: I would not ever happen to change to professional style, as possible I try to always keep the 100% amateur style that characterizes my work. I have several ideas for the future, but as I’ve said before I prefer to concentrate on Smelly Natural Feet and not paying much attention to the distant.

The problem comes when we are interested in a particular type of fetishism, as there are for all tastes: big or small feet fetish, long nails, shoes, stockings and socks, dirty feet, clean, with food, footjobs, etc.

The range is very wide and extensive but if there is a kind of fetishism that has many followers this is the foot-fetish smelling.

In addition we give a video-guarantee for free to the buyer, where the girl appears removing the garment and inserting it in an airtight bag.

This video guarantees the buyer that the garment goes from the girl to his hands without intermediaries and in the shortest time possible.

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If this project goes well I do not stop innovating and producing: creativity is something that not let me stagnant even a moment.

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