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It's not just a question of the direct trauma inflicted, but of trust betrayed.Treating the effects of abuse often requires a multifaceted approach, while every case requires individual consideration.If you’re in a toxic domestic environment, it’s imperative to seek help.You can visit Safe Horizon or The Hotline for resources and support with domestic violence.Medical abuse is when a person conveys false information about another individual’s health, whether that’s a child or a senior. It’s heartbreaking, and it happens to many children.

The below articles offer a good starting point for doing this.Sexual abuse is the sexual exploitation of a person.The individual who is being abused did not consent to the sexual act, whether that’s intercourse, fondling or any sexual advance or action.Abuse is cruel, sometimes intentional and sometimes unintentional.Regardless of the intentionality, it’s harmful to people, and it needs to stop.

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According to a South African Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) survey in 1996, there were 36 daily and weekly urban newspapers in South Africa — 29 in English, four in Afrikaans, two in Zulu and one in Xhosa.

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