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An exploration of real-life spankings I received as a boy and insight to the spanking fetish that I love.(Warning: This blog includes stories and fantasies of spankings administered to a young boy between the ages of 7-17.She was dressed in an immaculate black business suit matching her dark, slightly curly...- Seven weeks had passed since Peter Mitchell had been caned at the FCI for pleading guilty to being drunk and disorderly.Living in her impressive house had only been intended to be a short-term thing for me. - I arrived in the city shortly after 2 pm on that sunny Friday afternoon.My train journey had been pleasant enough and the train had reached its destination on time. - It had been seven weeks since I had been caned after school in Louise Jensen’s office.That is exactly what happened to me after one evening chatting over a drink to my childhood fri...

She had struggled to cook the family a roast dinner with her broken right wrist and here she...

I will not go into details about the case and visted some of the forums that are dedicated to "supporter" and "non-supporter" as they like to be called. I also posted what my opinions were while admitting my knowledge was limited. I should have seen that these people were sick but no I stuck around. I do not understand how me as a adult wanting to be spanked like a child has anything to do with pedophilia. I can not begin to understand the level of frustration at the lack of understanding.

What I found was bias and complete disrespect for others who did not share the same opinion. It got so bad their when they could not argue a point they started doing searches on my screen name and it led them to this blog and my stories. Insinuations that I was only visiting that site for sexual reasons despite no one being able to link any of my post with anything sexual in nature. Part of me understands that there dumb people but still irritates the fuck out me.

- Today begins my third week as an assistant in a semi-busy real estate office, and things are no more organized than they were when I started.

Of course, I do my job and keep the office in top shape, b...

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