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By reading in context and assigning Elder Kimball the best intentions, I can explain and rationalize and in so doing show that there is something good in these statements.However, the words are harsh, punishing, misleading, and dangerous.

Rape is a difficult and touchy subject, yet I want to contribute to the discussion. In addressing a concern for the man preserving his virtue, it appears a somewhat radical statement for its time.

It is better to die in defending one’s virtue than to live having lost it without a struggle.” On a close contextual reading I find this to be a message to the rapist, or the person who initiated and is guilty of sexual sin.

It’s all about how restitution is near impossible because the damage is so great.

I offer this as my personal opinion (I certainly cannot and would never claim to channel Spencer Kimball.) In a discussion about rape, the two lines most commonly cited from The Miracle of Forgiveness are on pages 63 and 196 (English edition). The problem is that for decades this counsel has been read by both men and women, by both actors and those acted upon.

preserve your virtue even if you lose your lives.” This appears, in the original and as used by SWK, to be addressed primarily to boys on college campuses, and in effect counsels: “don’t have sex, don’t initiate sex, don’t do it.” It is complicated by the fact that in common discourse of the time (1960s) men were seen as the actor and women the acted upon and “virtue” was for a woman to preserve.

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