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As a school, we would like to thank our local community constable, Ian Willets, Tracey Thompson from Auckland Transport and the New Zealand Police for their help in facilitating this event.

In conclusion, we would like to remind our community that school speed zones are in force throughout Auckland on school days.

The students delivered a “good driver” thank you speech and presented them with a small gift.

Our Travelwise students were “buzzing” after being part of this exciting event.

They also took a number of top prizes, with Lucy Lonie scooping the Rock Star award, and Kishan Harry taking both the Best Guitarist and Best Overall Musician awards!

A special thanks to Roger Whatman, our PE/Sports Specialist, for helping out on the day!They operate 35 minutes before the start of school and 20 minutes at the end of the school day.We would like to congratulate all our teams on their amazing technical, collaborative, critical thinking, creativity and engineering skills.Under police supervision, the students read a “bad driver” speech, explaining how speeding made them feel unsafe and asking them to slow down in future.Drivers who were travelling at, or under the limit, were also pulled over.

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