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The SVEA 123 is an elegant stove that was leading edge technology 50 years ago, but today there are many modern stoves that offer better performance for less weight and come in smaller packages.

STOVE/FUEL COMPARISONI own a dozen or so stoves, so many that its hard to keep track, and I have discarded, sold or given away several more.

Alcohol is moderately priced compared to other fuels.

Sterno and Esbit are brand names for a product that is offered as a solid cube, wafer or in a can. If youve ever gone through a buffet line, you probably have seen the small Sterno cans burning away under the pans containing hot food.

I own and operate, or have operated, or have seen operated just about every kind of stove thats on the market today or has been on the market for the last fifty years. The most common types of fuel include wood, white gas, kerosene, Isobutane, propane, Sterno, and alcohol.

Other less common types include butane, unleaded gas and diesel. Archeologists have discovered the remnants of fire pits in excavation dating from about 100,000 years ago.

Isobutane is relatively expensive on a per unit basis.

Typically, alcohol is burned without pressurization and you cant see the flame.

Alcohol will deteriorate aluminum so you have to carry it in plastic containers.

So human beings have burned wood for heat and/or cooking for about that long.

You have to know how to get a fire going and in todays increasingly urbanized world, some people just simply havent had much experience.

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