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In recent years a large quantity of photographs of Taylor in homosexual encounters have surfaced.Some have proven to be fake, while others are still up for debate.From that point on Hanson's management and publicity team began to continually release statements and news lines about Taylor and his wife and child.Even with the continuing promotion of Taylor as a heterosexual, the rumors continued without fail.Back when ONTD broke the "mmm Cock09" post of the really well photoshopped photo of Taylor sucking cock, they (ONTD) refused to remove it. Since the rumors about Rob and Taylor were so solid when they surfaced, Hansons PR team went into overdrive in a desperate attempt to keep him looking 'straight.' But the funny thing is, the ban/block on the dirty photos of Taylor lifted a few weeks later and hasn't been in effect since. Taylor is fine with it, as long as she remains MRS. She can do what she wants, he can do what he wants. In other Taylor Hanson news, Taylor was seen at Paper Magazines Nightlife Awards in New York City on Dec. As everyone knows Paper Magazine is a very popular 'gay' NYC publication.Taylor showed up in a pink shirt and white pants with black suspenders and red/orange leather shoes.The night they went out together Taylor tweeted about having dinner with Mr. Not more than a few hours later rumors start trickling in that Taylor and Rob were seen getting a little too close for comfort and soon left for a more private setting.

Previously if Google Image search was queried with no safety locks on, a search on Taylor would pull up numerous photoshopped and unverified cellphone style photos of "Taylor" sucking cock, showing his dick etc.However others believe he meant that a person makes a choice to act on sexual urges, while some choose to ignore them and live a life that contradicts their preferences.This statement lead a great deal of people to wonder if Zac was referring to Taylor who lives an openly heterosexual lifestyle with his wife and children while rumors of the contrary continue to grow.Not too long back they adjusted it so only G-rated would show.THEN back in December any search (saftey on or off) showed absolutely nothing dirty.

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Hanson in Africa - fireside concert Pictures are from Hanson's visit to the Lesedi Cultural Village near Johannesburg, South Africa.

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