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Tayside Young Walkers are part of Ramblers Scotland, a charity who aim to promote walking through out Scotland.

New people to the group can come along up to three times before deciding if they want to join. You can join online by visiting Ramblers Scotland page @ https:// Please note: All members should take responsibility for their own well being and safety while on the walks Our event organisers are however, very experienced and confident walkers and will ensure that any/all accidents are prevented where possible.There is ready access to golf, football, sailing, fishing, hill walking and skiing.There is a vibrant cultural scene in the area too with the Rep theatre and Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre and regular visits from the Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Scottish Ensemble and opera companies to both Dundee and Perth.Our award winning dating blog also provides singles with help and dating advice on all aspects of single life and relationships. Do like the simple things though, cuddling, walking on the beach, being in good company who can make me laugh and having fun.Sign up now and start your online dating journey with us. I am a passionate and adventurous person, looking for like minded person for fun and whatever happens.

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you never know in Scotland 18 to 26 year olds: there is a training event in Perth event today which could be of interest.

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