Timeline backdating

Visit Stack Exchange I have one set of people saying that a page did not pre-date a Facebook post, and another set of people saying that they did.As best as I understand it, it is not possible to pre-date a Facebook post without a little clock icon showing up.When you hover your mouse over the clock, it shows you the original (actual) date that the post was created.Changing the date is only possible on the desktop (both on personal and fan pages).We don’t usually thank you for anything, Facebook; however, we certainly thank you for this capability!

NOTE: If you want to change the date of an EXISTING post on your page, you can only move it into the past – not the future, and not even by a day.

(Click the down arrow in the post’s top right corner / Change date / Add hour / Add minute) TIP #4: Double check your dates and times.

If you want to post about a news story from the past, make sure you aren’t backdating it to before the story actually hit the news.

Scenario: You own a business and noticed a few years ago that Facebook was the “place to be” for brand awareness and to connect with your customers.

You created a business fan page and were really good about posting for the first few months (especially the first day! As time went on and resources became thin, the amount of interesting facts and staff photos being posted to Facebook dwindled until you realize that you hadn’t posted anything since November of 2012.

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