Tool for validating xml with xml schema

The XML standard is a flexible way to create information formats and electronically share structured data via the public Internet, as well as via corporate networks. You will have to create tags according to your needs.

Oxygen offers powerful tools that allow you to design, develop, and edit XML Schemas.

Use XML Schema to create dynamic bounded Java objects and easily marshall and unmarshall XMLpyxser stands for python xml serialization and is a python object to XML serializer that validates every XML deserialization against the pyxser 1.0 XML Schema.

pyxser is written entirely in C as a python TPo X is an XML database benchmark based on a financial application scenario.

These tools include the Text editing mode (packed full of helpers), intuitive and expressive visual schema designer mode, XML Instance Generator, and an XML Schema Documentation tool to output high quality documentation.

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to describe data.

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Read(schema Reader, Schema Validation Handler); asset.

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