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I use it on guitar and bass, live and in the studio. Regardless, I’m pretty obsessed with it and I like to accessorize and upgrade it all the time.

It has the vintage Orange colors and modern gain leanings. I have a Big Green Egg (use Google if that doesn’t make sense), and I love to “pimp my grill” as that rap man used to say from that show on MTV. It’s fucking sad.13) Rank these albums from favorite…

There will be rape later on, but it is only shown for like .2 seconds from an outside source who doesn't realize it and will be TW'd in the notes of the chapter(s) it's mentioned in. They only do radio interviews and are known as "The drummer for Fall Out Boy", "Bassist for Fall Out Boy" etc. ^^ This will probably be exclusively gay stuff tbh bc I love writing the gay babies. Joe blinks once, then says, "You're ." "Nope." Patrick goes for his eggs with the fork, hitting them spot on and shoving a bite into his mouth. "She just said my family is a 'bad example'." He looks up at Joe with wide eyes.

Complicated.---------- This is an AU where you can imagine them in any Era but they have all their music out (including MANIA) but no one knows who they are in real life.

Patrick and Brendon have been dating for months before Pete and Joe decide to pipe up that they like Patrick. There’s a twinge of guilt that hits Joe, and he’s surprised it bypasses the lowered inhibition he’s achieved after the few glasses of draft he’d had. Even though he was the one who met Patrick in the very first place, Pete had claimed him from day one during his audition. Joe comforts Patrick, tells him that he wants to see something, and he's in for a lot more than he bargained for. His eyebrow raises further, and he tries not to react too strongly as he responds slowly and carefully, "Been a while since we've pulled this, hasn't it? Thanks." Patrick shifts his hand and grabs the fork, a look of relief crossing his face. Pete and Joe can only stand there, watching silently. But you and Joe never shut up about my alleged attractiveness, so I think I can safely assume I'm at least a seven.""Babe, I can't believe you!

And this is the same Patrick, hunched on his knees when he undoes the belt of Joe’s jeans. They also rarely do tours and concerts and when they do they have masks on. If you have any pairings or ideas you'd like me to write, let me know! It's been about a month since Patrick pissed on Pete's lap and they're together.. " he asks, and Patrick knows just by the almost unnoticeable shift in Pete's tone exactly what's going on. He chews and swallows slowly, then takes another bite. "I think we've established that I have no idea what I look like.

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Nekrogoblikon‘s resident goblin John Goblikon has launched season 3 of his ‘Right Now‘ talk show.

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